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MBA @IBS Hungry

Our unique MBA programme is a transformational experience which aims to develop essential professional and soft skills to nurture leaders of the 21st century.

The programme explores and develops all areas of corporate management, with a strong emphasis on the most in-demand skills in business: analytical skills, data management, business intelligence and a wide array of soft skills. The IBS MBA experience is a one-year full-time programme, designed for professionals with 3 to 5 years of work experience.

Our programme first focuses on ‘core skills,’ i.e. the necessary competencies to communicate and collaborate with other stakeholders, to acquire solid organizational, project management and up-to-date financial and analytical skills. The second part of the programme focuses on ‘functional skills,’ i.e. advanced skills for managing roles in corporate organisations, including data management and business intelligence, customer relationship management and strategic decision-making skills. The programme concludes with a capstone project assessing your newly acquired business acumen and business intelligence skills.

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The main aim of the MBA Programme is to enhance and develop the career of the Students in business and management as it deals with the key business functions and their relationship with the wider environment. Students will also expand their knowledge and understanding of the current changes in the business environment through the study of subjects like leadership, organizational change and development.
Intended learning outcomes. Use sound knowledge of the business and management concepts, the theoretical frameworks and applied analysis through a range of learning experiences.
Apply key skills in formulating and managing basic research, presentations, problem-solving and organizing, as well as managing group-based projects.
Use the key areas of marketing, HR, finance, and strategic management in support of wider organizational activity.
Analyze critically strategic perspectives regionally, nationally and internationally at organizational and sectorial levels.
Evaluate the relationship between the organization and its environment and the importance and nature of organizational change.
Express relevant critical thinking through academic research.

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MBA@IUMW Malaysia

A Master of Business Administration is a stepping stone to an advanced career that can reach great heights. With a finely detailed curriculum tailored for professional competency, students can transform into individuals who are highly sought after in the business world.

The programme comprises modules that emphasise the most important qualities every business leader needs. The modules will allow students to develop skills and knowledge in subjects such as corporate financial management, capital markets, and the principles and practices of risk management.

It is the gateway to a network of global professionals which will build upon the foundations of a student’s individuality and career. At the end of the programme, students will acquire the knowledge, techniques and ethics to become business experts equipped with skills customised towards the competitive business environment.

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