MBA @City Unity College Cyprus

City Unity College in cooperation with the Cardiff Metropolitan University (CMU) offers a postgraduate program in Business Administration.

  • Duration of studies: one (1) year full-time studies – two (2) years part time studies
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Awarding Body: Cardiff Metropolitan University (CMU) UK

The postgraduate programs in Business Administration prepare candidates for senior management positions in related organizations and businesses.

The programs’ objective is to educate tomorrow’s executives for their respective industries, to be able to cope with the demanding conditions created by the current dynamically evolving business environment. MBA programs, with a constant demand in the labor market, aim to provide executives with sufficient knowledge and skills to become Business Administrators in a modern, globalized and highly competitive economic environment.

Attaining an MBA is the starting point for the advancement of a competent executive to climb an organization’s hierarchy, with much more developed skills and knowledge that help in solving problems and offset the business risk of a modern enterprise. This is achieved through the holistic approach of the curriculum, as the program is structured and focused on the quality of knowledge and up to date skills.

Graduates of the MBA program are tomorrow’s leaders and modern managers who would be called upon to make strategic decisions both on personal and business level.

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